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Your Property Legal Needs

Your Property Legal NeedsFor most people, the purchase or sale of their home will be the largest legal undertaking of their life. We know, however, that such a transaction is often the last step in a long process that begins with a land developer identifying, acquiring, subdividing and developing a tract of land.

We have experience in each of these areas, and can provide legal advice and direction from start to finish when it comes to meeting your real estate needs.

Residential Real Estate

We will help you navigate the complexities of buying, selling or mortgaging your home or residential condominium.

To obtain quality, timely legal advice in any of the above, please contact Kim Little, Grant Inglis, Diane E. Ewer or Judy Rich.

Condominiums and Subdivisions

This is a specialized practice, in which we can provide you or your business with experienced, strategic advice in areas such as Land Titles conversions, development and registration of subdivisions and condominiums, and the registration and enforcement of condominium liens.

To obtain quality, timely legal advice in any of the above, or any other area of concern to you, please contact Kim Little, Grant Inglis or Judy Rich.