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Little, Inglis, Price & Ewer LLP is a partnership comprised of four lawyers who, between them, have over 125 years collective experience

at the practice of law, in numerous fields of endeavor.

The firm consists of lawyers through whom its history can be traced, via various predecessors, back over 100 years.

Kim Little and Grant Inglis bring with them the experiences gained in one of London's historically great firms: Shepherd, McKenzie.

Before being at Shepherd, McKenzie, Grant Inglis practiced with Tim Price at McLennan, Flinn & Driesman, which traced its lineage back through such firms as Robarts, Betts, McLennan & Flinn, and Carrothers & Fox, making them the heirs to one of London's oldest continuous firms. From these predecessor firms emerged such distinguished alumni as former Ontario Premier John Robarts, and Justice R. J. Flinn.

Diane E. Ewer practiced with Tim Price in McLennan, Wright and Little & Wright, successor firms to McLennan, Flinn & Driesman.

The partners of Little, Inglis, Price & Ewer LLP all have experience in navigating the complexities of practicing law in larger firms. Drawing on those experiences, they strive to ensure that their clients will immediately feel the benefits of the comfortable, collegial atmosphere of a smaller firm, while maintaining the quality of service one might expect from a larger firm.

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